Core Competencies

MIT Shanghai believes in project management, participates in design solutioning, leads in global sourcing, assembling and testing, prototype building, mass production, on-site installation and follows through on after-sales service.

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Industries supported include industrial automation, textile, semiconductor, solar etc.

  • Thin Film Solar Panel Laser Scribing and Edge Ablation
  • Clothing Industry Cutting
  • Sewing Industry
  • Semiconductor Electro-Mechanical Modules

Customer New Vs. Tested Equipment

Customer New Equipment

  • Help customer to optimize their system design
  • Help customer’s equipment Localize
  • Help customer to reduce costs
  • Achieve timely product development


Customer Tested Equipment

  • Optimize Cost
  • Consistent Quality
  • Efficient Process
  • On-time Delivery
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Quality Assurance

  • Comprehensive Management 
  • Whole Staff Management 
  • Preventive Management 
  • Service Management 
  • Scientific Management 

Measuring Equipment

  • Carl Zeiss 3D CNC CMM 
  • Deltronic Profile Projector 
  • Tesa Micro-Hite 600 
  • G&R Hardness Tester HT-1000A 
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Environmental Protection

Our company invested up to RMB 1Million to build the complete set of environmental protection facilities and programs meeting the examination and completion acceptance of the Environmental Protection Bureau (2016).

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