Core Competencies

CASEM offers a mechatronics-inclined Flexible workforce which synergistically combines mechanical, electronic and software engineering.

We complement OEMs whose outsourcing strategy may be partially / fully focused on Sales, and Research and Development activities while Manufacturing is relied on a Quality, Cost-conscious and Time-sensitive contract partner in CASEM.

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Sustainable Partnerships

We continually look for long-term partners that share a strategic view that value-creation is optimized with partners focusing on their own competencies and yet work hand-in-glove towards a common goal of meeting growth and profitability targets.

OEMs have their expertise in the technology that they market world-wide.  CASEM complements as a trusted, reputable, assembly alternative in a cost-competitive and highly motivated Asian manufacturing region.  A few of our long-term programs are currently >10 years in mutual business.

Meeting Capacity

CASEM is located in an industrial area where more manufacturing floor space can be easily leased from the landlord.  Our flexible workforce has been groomed through the years of intense manufacturing environment where engineers and technicians, trained in mechatronics, form the bulk of our direct staff.

Sub-contract partners may also be employed to cater for aggressive ramp-ups.

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Highly Competitive

Apart from our vast experience in complex machines manufacturing, CASEM further optimizes our cost-structure through our cost-competitive China factory.  Our strong cash position allows CASEM to continue our diversification strategies unimpeded.

Value-Add Services

While OEMs are naturally owners of the technology, CASEM assures this with our Value-Add CEM services through our almost 30-year old culture of Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Integrity, Sharing and Harmony.

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RISK-sharing Approach

We believe doing long term business in good faith and our RISK-sharing approach with our customers and partners is highly sought after.  Through committed Quantity Contracts and Volume Purchase Agreements, CASEM shall always deliver the goods.

At the same time, our Vendor-Managed Inventory takes pressure off customers’ inventory cash flow as invoicing only upon shipments.  This built-in flexibility allows customer more time to focus on their priorities.

Robust IP Regime

We commit to safeguard the company’s Proprietary / Confidential information and Intellectual Property, and that of stakeholders, partners and external parties, and to safeguard the information and to reduce business and legal risks.

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