Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Combining our years of experiences in building automated equipment with the latest available technologies, we strive to be your partner toward the realization of smart manufacturing offering our experience and expertise in:

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

  • Physical entities enriched with embedded electronics and connected to the internet. 
  • IoT sensors equipped with self-diagnostics and producing predictive data.
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID), barcode, sensors etc. offering traceability at unit level tracking.
  • CPS enabled machine learning with data models applications for trends identification and process optimization.


Information & Communication Technology (ICT):

  • Communication protocol such as industry-standard protocol Open Platform Communication (OPC) Unified Architecture (UA) for the cross functional communications and data exchange between machine to machine and with the customer’s server system.
  • Real-time dashboard of performance for smart communication and alarm triggering.

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